Stream HD Videos on YouTube offers you a seamless way of surfing and accessing YouTube videos. To access international content like a local, bypasses online blocks. When you're away, get back to websites. And circumvent censorship by governments or the workplace.

Enjoy full security, even on public WIFI links, with our extension. Prevent hackers from stealing your personal passwords, credit card and bank account information.Hide your IP address online (your location and personal details). Secure your details via your internet service provider from snooping.

Advantages of YouTube Proxy

  • encrypts the connection between your browser to your target server, making impossible to steal your data.
  • is not a VPN, a protocol that is simple to block and slow. It will see your link as a standard http connection. Switch immediately to a new server.
  • It supports various codecs, HLS and AVI.
  • It supports live video streaming services such as Twitch.

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